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  • SKU: MU02300088
  • EAN: 8435089033298
  • P/N: SG27-246
    25Km/h, 500W, 8800mAH, 120 Kg
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    • Front and rear double suspension that absorbs all the imperfections of the road for a better driving sensation, greater comfort and greater safety.
    • Powerful 500w Brushless Motor with direct transmission (without the use of chains or belts) greater acceleration, zero maintenance and avoids breakdowns.
    • CCS cruise control system .
    • Energy regeneration: with the electronic brake that it incorporates, it takes advantage of the inertia of retention and the battery is charged thanks to the kinetic energy from braking. This minimizes brake wear, increasing autonomy and significantly reducing the distance required for braking and, therefore, safety. (Although Xiaomi also has this, we must also highlight it).
    • 10” pneumatic wheels that, due to their diameter, improve safety in curves, optimize battery life and improve ride comfort.
    • It reaches a maximum speed of 25 km per hour . 3 speeds.
    • Incorporates rear disc brake , stops your smartGyro in an instant and Footbrake.
    • Lithium battery 36v / 8.8 Ah BMS.
    • Maximum charging time of 4 to 5 hours.
    • Allows a range of up to 30 km (*may vary depending on the weight of the person, type of load, inclination of the route, etc...)
    • It allows ascending slopes with an inclination angle of 15º .
    • Lights: High brightness front position light (4 LEDsl) , led lights on the base that project on the ground and rear brake light so that you can be seen while driving.
    • Front display (partial and total kilometer counter, gears, speed indicator, etc...)
    • Resistant and non-slip handles.
    • Folding aluminum structure with a kickstand and with a wider and longer base and bar to make the skate much more comfortable.
    • New generation 2.0 closure system. New folding system with double mast adjustment anchor that avoids slack and increases safety.
    • Headlights with 3 powerful leds integrated in a modern design and position lights. You will see better, but you will also be seen sooner by other drivers.
    • Blue courtesy lights towards the ground that increase 360º visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.
    • Maximum weight allowed, up to 120 kg.
    • IPX4 water resistance: standard waterproof, can be used in light rain.
    • Safety measures: Protection against overpressure, undervoltage, short circuit and overheating.
    • Intelligent system and functions: APP for mobile phone, you can see SmartGyro information on the mobile , adjustment mode, accumulation of kilometers, distance traveled, battery status, etc. and it comes with lock function.
    SmartGyro Ziro 2 Blue es un patín eléctrico ligero, cómodo, potente, con suspensión doble en horquilla delantera y trasera haciéndolo mucho más cómodo en terrenos irregulares y baches en la calzada.

    Con una alta autonomía, gracias a su batería de 8.800 mAh 36V recorrerás hasta 30 Km con una sola carga. Sus ruedas de 10” neumáticas, su potente motor Brushless con potencia máxima de 500W, su potente foco 4 LEDS delantero, luces en la base y de freno unido a una batería de alta eficiencia hará que se convierta en un modo de transporte ideal para tu día a día.

    Al incorporar una suspensión por horquilla en la rueda delantera, mejorará la ergonomía en el trayecto y las vibraciones de los terrenos irregulares o molestos baches, se transmitirán en menor medida a tus brazos o espalda.

    Una nueva alternativa para desplazarte y acompañarte allá donde vayas. Con su facilidad de uso, ruedas de 10”, suspensión mejorada y su perfecta suavidad, cruzarás la ciudad de forma económica y ecológica. Es compatible con una App donde podrás ver, distancia recorrida, porcentaje de carga, km totales y muchas más funciones como el bloqueo del patín a distancia.
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